The 90s are back, baby!

As I’ve been sourcing new inventory for this upcoming fall and winter season, one thing has stood out to me – the 90s are back. And that makes me happy. As someone who went through high school during this era, I feel the greatest connection to the fashion, culture, and music of this decade. I wasn’t particularly into the full on grunge look, but I liked to borrow a little here and there. I adored Meg Ryan’s iconic style – combat boots and dresses, pixie cuts and quirky mannerisms – one of my favorite movies around this time was French Kiss. (Sidebar- if anyone knows how I can stream this movie, comment below. Apparently you have to have a dvd player to be able to watch it!) Another of my favorites was the show Friends! I know it’s so basic to admit loving this show, but I still do. I recently watched the entire series all the way through (again!) and was struck by the fact that Monica’s & Rachel’s wardrobes would totally be on trend in 2022. Everything old is new again and I’m here for it. Well except for the 2000s – please no low rise jeans!

Check out our newest arrivals and take a walk back through the 90s with me!

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